dworek Garbno

The main idea while reconstructing the mansion - grange unit in Garbno is to restore its old and authentic splendor by rebuilding it to a form that would be as close as possible to the form from the beginning of the 20th century. This would allow for the visitors to have a feeling as if had they moved back in time while still being able to enjoy from any recreation forms available in present times.

Because of the real estates features, technical condition, law status and attractive localization - the mansion can be modernized and used in various ways:

1. Creating a hotel and recreation center located in the middle of Poland's tourist region - Mazury:
  1. Hotel - rooms and apartments *** - ****, restaurant, bar;
  2. Conference center - dedicated for workshops, presentations and conferences; [view simulation: Reception hall]
  3. Organized party's like - company incentives, weddings, picnics, family reunions, grills, etc. [view simulation: Reception hall]
  4. SPA - pool, sauna, massage, fitness; [view simulations: Wellness area, Wellness area - Jacuzzi, Wellness area - Swimmingpool / Bowling, Wellness area - Swimmingpool]
  5. Horse center - stables, paddock, restored old smith's building standing next by the stables, organizing horse trips and horse-riding lessons; [view simulations: Riding stable, Riding stable - innside, Stables]
  6. Sport and recreation center - sleigh party's, bikes, cross-country skiing, skating, canoes, kayaks, sailing, swimming, tennis, bow shooting, indoor-sports, martial arts, climbing, billiard, rod fishing, etc. [view simulation: Bird's eye view - in detail]
  7. Park - small river, bridge, orangery, winter garden, cafeteria, restoring the park to it's pre-war form from, bringing down species like: deer, pheasant, peacock, boar; [view simulation: Park Island]
  8. Apartments (3 - 5 rooms) to rent in the grange part; [view simulation: Interiors]
  9. Handcraft gallery - ceramics, woodwork, artistic smith, regional cuisine, etc.
2. Luxurious nursing home - an offer for affluent elder people from all over Europe, fixed or temporary stays, full nursing service, complex medical assistance, hotel rooms for visitors. [view simulation: Manour]

3. Apartments - modernization of all the grange buildings and organization of apartments for sale together with the surrounding area (park, pond, etc.); [view simulations: Interiors, Living part]

4. Building a new, additional hotel - apart from the existing mansion - grange unit being protected by the regional conservator and enlarging by this means the hotel part and adapting it to different needs and expectations (additional 70-100 beds) in order to be able to overnight at least 2 tourist buses;

5. Organizing a museum - the mansion as the main museum building, other farmstead buildings restored according to the pre-war character - organizing sightseeing tours for national and foreign groups;

6. Building a medical - rehabilitation center - hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center;

7. Aerodrome for private aircraft with heliport.

It is suggested to rebuild and adapt the buildings in such a way that they would restore the original character of the localization from the beginning of the 20th century. [view simulation: Manour]

The current in-house size is of the mansion - grange unit is ca.4 500 m2. There is a possibility to increase this size up to ca. 12 300 m2 by:
- making the courtyard building look alike the mansion, by adding up an attic (increases the size by ca. 600 m2) together with a terrace with a view on the park and surrounding grass-lands;
-bringing into use the attics of the grange buildings (increasing the size by ca. 3 000 m2);
-the reconstruction of 3 non-existing buildings according to original plans (increasing the size by ca. 4 200 m2 together with the attic).

Benefits of the real estate:
  1. High grange density - allows to place all the buildings near to each other;
  2. Old park - with a specific atmosphere giving the place a unique character;
  3. Guber river:
    - Possibility to use it for water-sports and other water activities;
    - Build fish breeding ponds - to use them for rod fishing [might include a dedicated swimming place;

    Bird's eye view - general view

  4. Beautiful, surrounding woods
    -mushroom picking,
We are strongly convinced that each one of the ideas will prove to be a successful investment..

Seasonal attractions and possibilities:
- the trail of the „Large Mazury Lakes" - sailing, canoeing, water skiing
- scuba diving
- rod fishing
- hunting
- offroad driving

- pools
- mushrooms picking
- school trips
- conferences, presentations, workshops, company incentives
- bike trips
- artistic outdoor and indoor workshops (theater, dance, art, etc.)
- weddings

- sleigh party's, camp-fire's
- cross country skiing
- Christmas and New year's Eve
- carnival

- school trips
- conferences, presentations, workshops, company incentives
- artistic outdoor and indoor workshops (theater, dance, art, etc.)
- weddings
- pilgrimage to św. Lipka [Saint Lipka]

dworek Garbno

The mansion has a very attractive localization from the touristic point of view:
1.Center of Mazury, part of the Euro Region - Europe's Green Lounges

2.Convenient localization to organize trips to the Grand Mazury Lakes: Giżycko, Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida, Sztynort, etc. www.warmia-mazury.pl

- yachting, sailing,
- kayaks, canoes,
- boat trips,
- scuba diving,
- rod fishing,
- water skiing

3.It is the closest unit to Wilczy Szaniec (Gierłoż), the old Hitler headquarter - place of many visits of tourist from all over the Europe


4.Convenient localization to organize trips to Warmia and Mazury:
- Malbork www.zamek.malbork.com.pl / www.zamek.malbork.pl / www.malbork.com

- Frombork www.frombork.pl / www.frombork.art.pl

- Olsztyn www.olsztyn.com.pl
- Mrągowo www.mragowo.pl
- Dobre Miasto www.dobremiasto.com.pl
- Kętrzyn www.ketrzyn.com.pl
- Ryn www.ryn.info
- Giżycko www.gizycko.um.gov.pl / www.gizycko.turystyka.pl
- Bunkers and water-gates near Węgorzewo - Mamerki www.mamerki.com
- Gołdap www.goldap.pl
- Bridges in Stańczyki www.mazury.info.pl/stanczyki/
- Pyramid in Rapa, itp. www.mazury.info.pl/atrakcje/rapa/

5.A convenient stopover when sightseeing the old Eastern Prussian mansions, palaces and castles.

6.Garbno at the crossroads of the main touristic trails in Central and Eastern Europe: from Berlin, Dresno, Frankfurt am Main, Prague to Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Lvov

Possible subsidies and funding for the investment:

1) EU Structural Funds, ZPORR program, Subsection 3.4 - investment funding for companies based on the reimbursement of incurred costs up to 65%, in the sum of 200 000 zloty, funds available in 2007.www.funduszestrukturalne.gov.pl

2) EU Structural Funds, Sector Operational Program for Increase of Competitiveness, Subsection 2.3 - investment funding for firms, reimbursement of incurred costs up to 50%, in the amount of 1 250 000 zloty, funds available in 2007. www.funduszestrukturalne.gov.pl

3) EU Structural Funds, Operational Program "Culture Heritage", Priority 1, "Revaluation of the non-movable and movable monuments", funds available since 2006, subsidies up to 90% of incurred investment expenses, only in the scope of conservation activities (restoration, maintenance, renovation adaptation of historical objects, in the register of monuments) www.mkidn.gov.pl/po/
dworek Garbno

dworek Garbno